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Posted by 02 June 2017
Privacy is a key issue in the digital era – no wonder the new General Data Protection Regulation caused quite a stir. Belgian ICT company Tobania was a step ahead of this major change thanks to HR@SAGA, Plan@SAGA and Time@SAGA. These tools form an integrated Employee Production Solutions suite (EPS). Tobania’s EPS business unit enables organizations to simplify planning, time registration and HR management. With this tool, everything revolves around the employee’s user experience.

Karl Hendrickx - Business Unit Manager Employee Product Solutions

Market leader in the healthcare industry thanks to our planning tool

Thanks to Plan@SAGA’s à la carte approach, Tobania is the market leader in staff planning in the healthcare industry. We keep our healthcare experience in mind when designing tools for clients in other industries, such as PEPSI and VAB. After all, they face the same challenges regarding planning and, hence, benefit just as much from our customer-centric digital developments. Using Plan@SAGA, employees can consult their planning themselves and manage it wherever they are.


The numerous advantages of an integrated platform

Next to Plan@SAGA, the Time@SAGA time registration tool and HR@SAGA HR management tool are also well on their way to conquering the market. Together, these three tools form an integrated and modular EPS-suite which addresses all GDPR requirements. Employees are, for example, allowed to make inquiries about the data their employer keeps about them. Thanks to the Tobania portals, employees can check this information at a glance.

Tobani’s integrated platform has far-reaching advantages. For example, when someone who signed up for a course is unable to attend for medical reasons and uses the system to hand in a doctor’s note, the planning system immediately knows a spot opened up for that particular training session. Additionally, there are plenty of new features in the pipeline, including the ability to integrate assessment interviews.


A Belgian story with a personal service

The EPS system is a Belgian story and a classic example of Tobania’s dynamic roadmap inwhich a team of pilot customers is consulted before the launch of each new module. Before implementing our systems, Tobania also continuously solicits advice and support from an in-house team of experienced consultants and developers.   

More information about EPS à la carte

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