Kicking off with the Testing Tobians!

Posted by 25 January 2017

Bringing Tobians together

Tobania Testing Services can look back at a fantastic 2016. Launching the unit in January 2016 was a hugh success! New customers, interesting projects and lots of new Tobians that joined the community.

And 2017 will also be promising: Tobania Testing Services is still trying to take over the world! 

Lots of new Tobians also means a lot of new faces, that's why this kick-off was kicked off by an awkward introduction circle, not the most fun activity ;-). Why did these Tobians choose Tobania? Let's start with the Open Communication Strategy of the unit, new ideas always matter, we invest a lot in skill & expertise building, these Tobians are really Italian food lovers and Tobania Testing Services is definitely a fun place to work! 

2 focus domains for this year are technical testing & agile. To achieve this goal we are continuously looking for new Tobians, if you know someone that wants to work in an inspiring community, contact us!

Testing Services will be again your Future Proof partner.

Together we put digital to work in 2017 once more!

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