Tobania launches Tobfin: the new top player within financial recruitment services

Posted by 04 May 2018
Tobania is introducing a new player in the field of financial recruitment services to the market with Tobfin. Tobfin is promising outstanding results under the ‘put finance to work’ motto. This is because Tobfin will be providing Financial recruitment services with a capital F: from staffing and interim management, in relation to project management and right through to traditional recruitment.

When IT, finance and business join forces
Tobfin’s foundation is projecting an already successfully story from the IT world into the finance sector. Tobania’s CEO, Lode Peeters, realised the current supply wasn’t even close to covering demand. “The sector went through a genuine metamorphosis after the financial crisis in 2008. This didn’t just result in an increase in demand for specific profiles, but the role of the financial expert ended up changing too. The increasing complexity, the need for real-time reporting and employment flexibility meant we knew it was time to react to these specific needs”, Lode Peeters concluded.
Tobania’s top quality service provision will be further developed, with the aim of being able to offer customers – both existing and new - a total package. “This partnership will allow us to call on a number of existing financial systems and reporting tools and subsequently implement these within our domain”, according to Business Manager Shen SandelĂ©. “The expertise of one of the biggest IT companies in Belgium, combined with their business consulting services and our knowhow in the field of finance is invaluable.”
Sustainable solutions tailored to the customer and candidate
Tobfin is focussed on providing a total approach, as is the case with its sister company, with the ultimate objective of becoming a one stop shop. In concrete terms this is reflected in four major pillars: speciality, quality, efficiency and transparency; core values which are conveyed to both the customer and the candidate. We provide our customers with a sustainable and qualitative tailor-made solution: nothing is left to chance, only a few suitable profiles are proposed and we develop a career path in consultation with and for the candidate.
This means no hasty decisions are ever made at Tobfin. A team of professionals will proactively start looking for the best candidates for the right vacancy with the use of an in-depth recruitment process. Each customer’s specific needs are completely mapped out and each potential candidate is professionally assisted.

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