Sofie Thielemans

Tobania is exploring new horizons in 2019

Tobania is coming to the market with customised transformation programs for digitisation. From 2019 onwards the ‘Business Consultancy’ task will apply its successful formula in an even more directed and goal-orientated manner.

Two years ago in the spring, Tobania professionalised its ‘Business Consultancy’ activity and they recently welcomed their 100th consultant. “An important milestone”, explain Operations Manager David Decreemer and HR business partner Femke Rolies. “At Trends Gazelle we intend to continue the exponential growth and extend our product range.”

Satisfied consultants, satisfied clients

“In our company, everything revolves around our consultants,” stresses Femke Rolies. “We are above all seeking driven talent with good communication skills, a hands-on approach and a critical mind set. In our TobAcademy – our internal training scheme – we develop young people without experience. It goes without saying that even experienced people can rely on extensive support in the form of training courses and on-the-job coaching. Moreover, everyone has a mentor and can rely on the support of the entire team via various channels. We also constantly keep our fingers on the pulse ourselves and assign our consultants to the projects that best suit their talents and expertise. In this way we ensure great satisfaction for both consultants and clients, who receive first-class service.”

Focus on four ‘digital solutions’

David Decreemer: “Today the focus is switching more and more from staffing and sourcing to end-to-end solutions for digitisation and transformation. Here we work with multidisciplinary teams based on four domains. Firstly, we offer digital transformation roadmaps. Many companies sense the importance of digital transformation but they do not know how best to approach it. Tobania formulates everything and can also manage the implementation. We also work especially on Agile Transformation, PPPM and Data Analytics. With the last, we give clients an insight into their own business processes on the basis of data. Together with the client, we chart the existing situation in a pragmatic manner and we increase the efficiency of the processes. Then together with Lean Vertical, the Tobania start-up, we then measure the success of those agile processes and IT operations, as a result of which clients often save up to 30% on their development budgets.”

One-stop shop

“As a purely Belgian player Tobania has clients in various sectors so we know their requirements in all aspects of digital transformation. With our customised digital solutions we now have everything to hand to be able to offer our clients a one-stop shop”, concludes David Decreemer.