Robot Race Challenge 2017 @ Corda Campus Hasselt!

Posted by 10 January 2017

Caffeine, caffeine & caffeine!

Each team of 5 students had 24 hours to build a robot using a Raspberry Pi 3 and Windows 10 IoT Core. Every team could rely on the support of our professional coaches! We provided the students with tons of food and caffeine to keep them going all night! In the morning a Red Bull Wings team visited our offices to provide the students with an extra boost to keep them also focused in the last hours of the challenge. 

After 24 hours it was finally the moment of truth where the students had been waiting for! Every team had to take their robot to our specially designed Tobania Race Track where every robot had to demonstrate their ability to manoeuvre quickly and accurately! 

Under loud cheerings of the students the robots made their way through the maze of our Tobania Race Track! In the end team QQ20 proved to be the strongest team & took away our prizes: a Raspberry Pi 3 and the Microsoft IoT Pack for each team member!

Congratulations to Berkan Aktag, Dries Steegmans, Daan Vankerkom, Kenan Ekici and Matteo Ventura from team QQ20 once more for winning our first Robot Race Challenge!

Check out our timelapse video to get a better idea how the students survived the 24 hours of the Challenge! ;-)


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We want to thank the students for their positive feedback about our Robot Race Challenge! This is for us a strong motivation to continue with these technical challenges!

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