Ninove gives town services more space with new eGo 4 website

Posted by 17 October 2018

From now on, for all information about the social services and the OCMW (Public Centre for Social Welfare) in their town the residents of Ninove in East Flanders can access a brand new website: The staff of the municipality are also delighted. “We wanted to quickly create a dynamic and user-friendly platform”, says Silke D’Hondt of the Ninove Communication department. “By joining forces with Tobania, we succeeded with flair.”
Tobania and the town of Ninove have known each other for a long time. In 2016 this ICT company won the order to give the Ninove general website ( a thorough facelift. With eGo 4, its own content management system tailored to towns and municipalities, Tobania then developed a flexible platform that met all requirements. Silke D’Hondt: “It looked to us a like a logical choice to work with Tobania’s specialists again for this new project. Moreover, the initial contract provided us with favourable terms for part websites.”

Dynamic and user-friendly
The idea behind it had not changed. The Ninove Communication department wanted more responsibility and greater rights for special services and teams to make decisions. “Until recently, only the IT department of our OCMW could add or amend web content”, explains Silke D’Hondt. “This turned out not to be practical any longer. With Tobania’s eGo 4 concept, that is a thing of the past. Now several employees, even non-specialists, can quickly and easily upload pages, news reports and documents to the new part website. From now on we will be able to allocate pages from both websites from the Communication department to specific departments or teams so that they can then provide the content. So we can always respond quickly.”

Live in 4 months
The launch of did not take long. In mid-May the Communication department took stock of the content and put forward an initial structural proposal. Silke D’Hondt: “For the layout of the home page and the look and feel, we relied heavily on our existing website. This approach instantly bore fruit. The tree structure was already complete by the start of August. Then we started juggling with web pages and content to completely streamline the website. On 10 September everything was up and running and the website went live.”  

Efficient service provision
More and more towns and municipalities are currently turning into ‘smart cities’: using digital developments for targeted service provision. Ninove now has two websites for rapidly guiding its citizens in their digital quest for information. This means that every Ninovite is only a few mouse clicks away from the right content. This town in East Flanders wants to go further down this successful road by quickly integrating a citizens’ profile into the municipality’s website.

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