Lokale Besluiten als Gelinkte Open Data (LBLOD, Local Decisions as Linked Open Data)

Posted by 17 October 2018

The Decreet over het lokaal bestuur (DLB, Local Government Decree) replaces the present duty of submission from 1 January 2019 with a duty to publish or duty to inform regarding the municipality’s web application. Local governments will then for instance have to publish the lists of decisions by the town council, the board  or the social welfare council, the town council’s minutes and the entire text of specific decisions and rules on the municipality’s web application. The aim is that, with the start of the new local council period in 2019, local governments will be in a position to publish their decisions in a linked manner and that after the installation of the town council the database of mandates can be automatically populated on the basis of the decisions.

Tobania developed the ‘Digitaal Vergaderen’ application. . With Digitaal Vergaderen, your councillors and anyone who attends the meetings have an opportunity to add agenda items and to seek consultation. Moreover, the meeting can be followed point by point, so there is always an opportunity to add notes and to upload specific important files (e.g. a Visa, zone planning documents etc.). Then every decision can be uploaded to the municipal website in a clear and predefined format (respecting the house style). This app can of course be used on computers, tablets and smartphones.
Later in 2019, when the text editor of the Flemish government is available, it will be integrated with Digitaal Vergaderen. Then the taking of minutes and the publication of decisions will be even easier!

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