Lean Vertical expert unravels big data

Posted by 10 December 2018
TobTalks are short, powerful, and – above all – inspirational exposés by expert speakers. For our second edition, Lean Vertical CTO Dean Bodart took the stage. In the presence of dozens of Tobians, he zoomed in on the benefits of big data for cost-efficient software development. Check out our after movie too!  

Digital transformation and digitalisation: interchangeable concepts, you say? Think again. They couldn’t be more distinct. Where digitalisation translates manual processes into digital flows, digital transformation is a disruptive force that can – and should – give your organisation a competitive edge.

A company’s new gold
Dean Bodart: “Businesses remain unaware of the importance of data – more specifically, their own data. Customer data, however, is clearly considered priceless. Companies will do whatever it takes to convert that information into higher sales numbers, personalised marketing campaigns, and improved products or services. But what about a company’s own enormous pile of data? Some have tens or even thousands of employees. That’s a company’s true money-maker.”

Big data vs. big pile of data
During his TobTalk, Dean Bodart illuminated the benefits of big data, an essential element of cost-efficient software development. Moreover, he shared the requirements for a data-driven workplace culture, and which role Tobania start-up Lean Vertical could play in this area. “When done right, companies can save up to 30% or their IT budgets by transforming their big pile of non-customer data into business valuable data”, says Dean Bodart.

Find out why companies should turn their big pile of data into big data!
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