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Posted by 13 December 2018
From December onwards, business technology firm Tobania will focus its expertise on innovative ways of optimising digital marketing services for a wide range of clients. CustomX, a Tobania company, offers both cutting-edge solutions and the best digital experts – architects, integrators, and performance marketeers – to complete your team.

“Consumers are more and more demanding when it comes to their digital experiences”, says John Barbier, Sales Manager at CustomX. “To fulfill their needs, CustomX has come up with a twofold service.”

Proven solutions
John Barbier: “As a strategic business partner for digital change and transformation, Tobania always maintains a direct line with managers and decision-makers. In those interactions, we have noticed that companies increasingly ask for our support with digital marketing activities. Therefore, we now offer a broader service to those clients. We can set up digital roadmaps, compose buyer persona reports, analyse your customers’ journey, create compelling user experiences, design a KPI framework, and lots more. At this moment, we combine the expertise of over 40 developers and online specialists to maintain websites and applications for a total of 100 clients, using platforms as Kentico and Drupal in .net and php. With a series of proven solutions, CustomX will handle all digital marketing projects from now on.”

Boost your team            
CustomX – in line with Tobania’s philosophy – emphasises the value of motivated, well-trained staff who possess the right talents and skills. “Our HR management is key”, confirms John Barbier. “In building a talent factory, we create a one-stop-shop for marketing departments of medium-sized to large companies. If you have a staffing shortage or want to inject our expertise into your organisation, we appoint the ideal expert to the project – or even an entire team. Our trademark? Versatility. Architects, integrators, digital marketeers, web analysts, conversion specialists (SEA, SEO), and campaign marketeers. Whatever the need, our talent pool is literally just a phone call away.”

Flexible framework
John Barbier: “Our way of working is quite straightforward: after defining business objectives and a plan of action with our clients, we sketch out the framework for a mix of solutions or project-based collaboration and staffing. That way, marketeers can easily manage their teams according to the ever-changing market dynamics. It is that agility that gives CustomX a competitive edge.”
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