Banking apps are expected to run smoothly at all times. Bank accounts and transfers, after all, involve sensitive data and require strong security measures. Thanks to Tobania’s expert consultants, KBC's applications and software are extensively tested using the most innovative technologies. Both KBC and Tobania attach great importance to expertise, considering it the foundation for their close collaboration.

Testing tomorrow

Every new KBC application or change to an existing KBC banking or internal app must be carefully tested so that all errors can be eliminated before launching. Together with KBC, Tobania develops innovative solutions for automated app testing, making manual repetitive work unnecessary and enabling project teams to rapidly gain the needed insight into the quality of their software. Automation, in other words, allows for more extensive testing processes which expose defects before they get a chance to occur, making sure end users will not experience any problems.

Quality before quantity

KBC always strives for quality in all areas. The bank is not only committed to quality in the services they offer their customers, but also in terms of internal operations and development. That’s why KBC found the perfect IT partner in Tobania. “Because we often work on different projects simultaneously, we are able to build up extensive expertise without losing track of the bigger picture. Collaborating in this manner enables us to advise our customers even better,” says Sebastiaan, Tobania consultant for KBC.

More than an IT partner

Tobania specialists use this ‘outside in’ work method to develop a qualitative framework for test automation, ready to be used by KBC’s project teams. But the consultants also use their expertise to challenge KBC, coach them in their decisions and to launch innovative initiatives. The IT sector is evolving at lightning speed – just think of how fast mobile banking solutions took off in recent years. Sebastiaan: “We always point out possible risks as well as new opportunities to our customers. We never settle for less than quality on all levels.”

Tobania as an IT consultant has been KBC's preferred supplier for a while now and recently celebrated their one-year anniversary as a testing partner for KBC.