Generating more leads with a streamlined customer journey

Technology is becoming increasingly important in the world of HR. That doesn’t mean, however, that the human aspect vanishes into the background. Quite the contrary: candidates and customers expect a personal approach from HR companies, and a great user experience from their websites. That’s why CPM (Consultants in Personnel Management) decided to invest in a brand-new website and the digitization of its customer journey. Enter Kentico (by Tobania).

CPM strongly believes in the power of innovative technologies in all its HR activities, from recruitment and selection to assessment and development. CEO Christine Van Velthoven: “We had already been investing in online assessment centers and cloud-based tools, but our website was lagging seriously behind.” The solution? Building a user-friendly website that would, first, bring out CPM’s unique approach to HR and second, include practical marketing and ecommerce tools.

Tobania came up with a solution that met all of these needs and more, like tracking visitor behavior. Van Velthoven: “What draws the attention of clients or potential clients? Which content generates the most leads? That information is invaluable.”

CPM has been specializing in HR services for over 37 years and they’ve amassed an impressive database. Unsurprisingly, they weren’t too keen on an ‘erase and replace’ approach. Van Velthoven: “Fortunately, Tobania ensured a smooth integration of the new data (acquired via Kentico) into our existing CRM system.” The collaboration between Tobania and CPM went just as smoothly, thanks to biweekly meetings that allowed both parties to keep track of the progress.

The result of this step-by-step process? A website where the customer journey is a bump-free ride. All visitors are automatically assigned a profile which generates personalized content catering exactly to their needs. This personal approach is extended to the email campaigns that CPM sets up via the platform, and to the social media platforms the HR company manages via Kentico. What’s more, thanks to its revamped registration process and the increased number of contact points, CPM’s website lowers the threshold and encourages visitors to get in touch with them.

"Gelukkig integreerde Tobania de nieuwe data die de website oplevert vlekkeloos in de bestaande CRM." Christine Van Velthoven, CEO CPM