Sofie Thielemans

Tobania first Belgian partner for Delphix Dynamic Data Platform

Tobania continues to expand its service offering with a new Dynamic Data Platform in partnership with Delphix. 

Tobania continues to expand its service offering with a new Dynamic Data Platform in partnership with Delphix. As a leading player in the Belgian market, Tobania Testing Services focuses on delivering services geared towards agile and technical test automation. Hence the new Dynamic Data Platform fits perfectly allowing Tobania’s clients to flexibly handle their data on-demand at a lower cost while being compliant with the upcoming GDPR legislation.


Delphix’s mission is to connect people to data and accelerate innovation. Fortune 100 companies use the Delphix Dynamic Data Platform to connect, virtualize, secure and manage data in the cloud and in on-premise environments. Delphix eliminates data friction to enable data to move at the speed of business. The Delphix Dynamic Data Platform gives users easy, self-service access to data through data pods, the world’s first personal virtualized data environments.

Why partner?

Looking to bring a robust and mature test data management solution to the Belgian market, Tobania and Delphix decided to partner in Q3 of 2017. With the ongoing shift to agile and DevOps, both companies feel the time is right to offer the Belgian market what it needs: a unique data management solution. With Delphix, data is:

  • Fast: Provision data securely and in the required environments in minutes instead of hours, days, or months to enable IT transformation.
  • Secure: Secure sensitive data in adherence with security policies and ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Everywhere: Move and manage data from any environment – on-premises, cloud, or in hybrid environments, and seamlessly provision data where required.

Team member can now have self-service access to test data and that is fully capable of GPPR compliancy by masking and protecting sensitive data.

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