Smart people and smart technology combined

Keep it under control

At Tobania, we can assist you in securing both cloud and on-premise environments. We organise preventative measures to control which people have access to data. We detect everything that is out of the ordinary and respond to it. We can help you to grow your security maturity at your own pace, with clear focus and according budget.

Our winning formula

We solve security incidents before they become a breach with a framework built on NIST principles. We combine certified people, industry-proven processes, and a three-tiered Security Operations Centre (SOC) architecture to deliver advanced forensic capabilities.

Our service: your safety

Tobania 24x7 Cyber Defence Services unites expert, human analysis with next-generation behavioural and machine learning technologies. We strive for a sane balance of proven leading technology, and innovative disruptive technology to guarantee a unique, real-time view of threats in the core of an organisation’s environment.

Our Cyber Defence Service combines smart people with smart technology, to increase your security maturity.

Dries De Peuter

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