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Workplace management

Workplace management concerns the use of all tools, both software and hardware, that increase the productivity of your employees. With four generations in the workplace, giving everyone the possibility to work when and where they want is key.

Baby boomers live according to a different rhythm than the single millennial who goes to the gym three times a week after work and then gets behind his laptop for another hour late at night. Or, imagine experiencing a hardware failure right before a presentation. Wouldn’t it be useful to have a spare device always available just in case?

Tobania's workplace management solutions are based on meeting the many different needs of employees. The goal is not only an increase in productivity; we also want to help our customers attract and retain talent.

The new way of working
"At Tobania, we facilitate this new way of working through the combination of a flexible mindset and innovative business and IT processes. We are also increasingly seeing companies making that shift”, explains Nicolas Vercauteren, director of Business & Technical Support at Tobania. "And that goes beyond workplace management. We're really talking about a – positive – change in the company culture. We want to facilitate this change through innovation, technology and advice.”

Synergy between people and technology
Tobania’s workplace management solutions begin with a management-level workshop. Here, the outlines are drawn: where is the company now, and where does it want to go? This forms the basis for a first roadmap that is then presented to all levels within the organisation. Nicolas: “In order to change the approach of an entire company, you need as much buy-in as possible. Technology alone is not enough, you need end users who believe in and support the change. People are always the key to success, with the technology playing a supporting role.

Want to know how Tobania can help your company implement the new way of working? Our experts are ready to help you! Contact Nicolas Vercauteren, Business Unit Director.

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