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Working together to fight colon cancer

Today, one person in twenty is confronted with the diagnosis of colon cancer in their life ...

Today, one person in twenty is confronted with the diagnosis of colon cancer in their life, and one in seven colon cancer patients is younger than fifty. Employing 950 consultants from various age groups, Tobania is eager to raise awareness among its staff. As such, the organisation puts its weight behind the Belgian initiative ‘Stop Darmkanker’.

Stop Darmkanker – which translates as ‘fight colon cancer’ – is a non-profit organisation that aims to detect and prevent colon cancer by spreading knowledge about this disease. Co-founder and gastroenterologist Luc Colement recently co-wrote the book ‘Helden met Darmkanker’ (heroes suffering from colon cancer). Strongly supporting the views expressed by Stop Darmkanker, Tobania sponsored this publication.

The doctor’s view
Colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer mortality after lung cancer. It is incorrectly thought of as a disease only people over fifty can get, as Luc Colement points out in his book. Ever more young people are fighting this form of cancer: 15 percent of all colon cancer patients are younger than fifty. In the future, this number is expected to increase to 20 percent.
This alarming increase might be influenced by many factors: nutrition, pollution, stress or bad habits. One thing, however, is for sure: the European screening test, which is now obligatory only for citizens aged fifty and over, should be conducted at a younger age. If the cancer is detected at an early stage, 95% of all patients recover.

Our CEO’s view
As a digital service company enjoying rapid growth, Tobania currently employs over 950 consultants. Current data implies that about 45 of them could sooner or later receive a colon cancer diagnosis. To respond to this striking prediction, the company is taking action to combat this disease.

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