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Working at Tobania.Testing

At Tobania.Testing, we care about quality for our clients and our test ninja’s! We assure business value and satisfied end-users with our First Time Right approach and continuous and automated testing. An active test community is key for us to support each other and to develop yourself. In short: we are a team of driven and enthusiastic test specialists who share a common vision on quality in software and love to learn and grow together.


Sounds good, no?

But what does our day-to-day job look like? We implement different test solutions, depending on what our customer needs:

  • We help to realise a flawless software launch by mitigating the risks with a smart test approach.
  • We guide and coach the customer to build-in quality towards a faster delivery-to-market and make every sprint count.
  • We always look for a way to optimise the testing with process improvements, shift left, automated and continuous testing.
  • Did your buzzword detector go off? No need for that. We really believe in the power of Agile Software Development and DevOps, when it comes to Quality in a broad sense. 

We put our people first (just behind quality 😉)

We talk a lot of business and IT, but we’ve got our priorities straight: our Tobians come first. To complete our mission with a bang, we truly lift everybody up and enable them to be the best versions of themselves:

  • A great network of colleagues is standing behind us. Our community is key
  • We encourage adaptability and stimulate our colleagues to be T-shaped. 
  • We are Test Ninja’s and we believe standing out by our curious, critical, open, team and client-oriented mindset. 
  • As individuals we are strong, but together we’re unbeatable! Our community is key and everything we do is focused on making our community stronger and make our people grow. How we do that? Thanks to our Test academy (for and by our Test specialists), monthly update calls, fun events, retrospectives, our online community platform, …
  • We encourage and praise initiative, with plenty of opportunities for those who go for it. Do you have an idea and you need a playground to test (😉) it? Be our guest. Did you know that we won the Tobian ‘Entrepreneurial’ award in 2019? 
  • Thanks to the combination of our coaching programme and our Test academy, our Ninja’s can work on their personal roadmap on their own speed and size. 
  • Thanks to our lean organisational structure, everyone becomes part of the Tobania.Testing story! Among other: to point out our directions and how we organize ourselves. 

You want some examples? Here you go!

To guarantee a flawless ‘end-to-end’ flow of a product, manual functional testing will always have its place in the development life cycle. The critical and exploratory mindset of a tester remains important. 

But to make sure that quality can be built in and measured early in the development phase, we think it’s important to have a First Time Right approach and Continuous Testing:

  • We coach developers in their unit testing and we set-up and maintain test automation frameworks. 
  • To automate test scenarios, we use tools such as REST Assured & Postman, SoapUI for automated API-testing and Selenium for front-end validations. We are strong believers in BDD and Cucumber.
  • To make the list of examples complete: we use Appium and Sauce Labs for continuous mobile testing and we configure and execute performance tests with JMeter and BlazeMeter for different types of technologies. 

A tool is only a tool, people make the real difference! We always keep our eyes open for new technologies, love to learn from each other and listen to what other experts have to say. 

Want to be a Tobania Test Ninja too?

Are you a QA engineer, test automation specialist, test coach, solution architect, developer, system specialist OR in short: a tech-savvy person with a passion for quality? Don’t hesitate to give Shenzi a sign or check out our open vacancies.  


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