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Towards a smarter economy

For our third edition of TobTalks, we welcomed Niels Van Weereld.

For our third edition of TobTalks, we welcomed Niels Van Weereld. The VP of business development at Faktion, a thriving AI start-up, made good on his promise to take this TobTalk to the next level. A diverse group of Tobians was left intrigued as Niels revealed the many applications of artificial intelligence for future-conscious businesses.

Advanced technology is becoming all-pervasive. Artificial intelligence, once a fancy buzzword for scientists, is now determining whether companies are future-proof or not. “And although most of them realise the importance of AI, they fail to articulate ambitious goals”, says Niels. “Meanwhile, their competitors are leapfrogging towards market leadership.”

The many faces of machine learning
Within AI, one of the most promising subfields is machine learning. This refers to the use of algorithms to parse data, learn from the patterns, and then make a prediction about something in the world. It is used in diverse applications, from medical diagnosis to environmental monitoring and financial services. Niels showed us some real-life applications that make great impacts on people’s lives. In the medical world, the use of machine learning can even mean the difference between life and death, we learned.

Don’t miss out
“Embrace the advantages of AI in your business”, Niels concluded. Whether it’s the use of conversational agents that enhance your customer service or sales department, the automation of your recruiting workflow, or the improvement of customer journeys … every company has something to gain – or lose, if you decide not to participate. This TobTalk was a true eye-opener. As a company that solves novel problems – or existing problems in novel ways – Tobania will definitely keep a close eye on this particular area.

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