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Lode Peeters

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Published on 28-01-2020

Tobania & Python Predictions are joining forces

In recent years, Tobania has followed an interesting route, resulting in a substantial growth. Today, we are taking another important step in the right direction. Tobania and Python Predictions are joining forces.
Python Predictions, located in Brussels, is at the service of its customers since 2006. They are specialised in data science within a wide range of industries. Telenet, Delhaize, Argenta, Eneco and Sportpaleis group are only some of the companies that can count on their insights. Python Predictions analyses data to support decisions and improve operations within the domains of marketing, risk, operations and HR. Geert Verstraeten, Managing Partner at Python Predictions clarifies: “Python Predictions masters the latest trends in data science technology, and keeps a strong focus on applications relevant in a business context”.

Through data science and machine learning, customers can benefit from insights into the past, but also make better decisions regarding the present and the future. Calculating risks, predicting burn-outs, better targeting within marketing campaigns or improving operational processes. That’s just a selection of the variety of solutions which Python Predictions offers. “This integration will strengthen our offering and positioning in the market and will certainly result in additional benefits for customers of Tobania and Python Predictions”, says Wouter Buckinx, Managing Partner at Python Predictions.

The amazing applications - and the Python Predictions team - are now a part of Tobania. These new capabilities fit perfectly within our business course. Tobania wants to support its customers as a co-pilot in their digital transformation. This goes beyond technology: Tobania recently chose to significantly expand its centres of excellence to provide an increased service to our clients. Applications regarding data science and analysis play an important role in this strategy. “Unlocking and analysing data has become crucial for any organisation. Having real-time access to the correct information and insights is indispensable for managers to make the right choices. Moreover, building corporate systems requires valuable data, no random. Joining forces with Python Predictions is thus an important strategic choice, allowing us to guide our customers even better in their digital transformation”, explains Lode Peeters, CEO of Tobania.

With Python Predictions, Tobania becomes, undoubtedly, once again a stronger partner in digital transformation. A warm welcome to the whole team! 

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