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Quality of design is defined as a fit between a product’s (or service’s) design and the customer’s needs. Why is the design of websites, e-commerce platforms, external communication tools and even internal communication so important? During, but especially after the Corona pandemic?

Quality Design creates more trust
Your customers can easily pick up on quality, especially if there is a wide range of great websites /e-commerce platforms out there. Quality design makes a great (first) impression, which can help to build trust with your customers. This is an important factor when people make purchases.

Quality Design can empower you to sell more
A high-quality website gives you a clear overview of the benefits of your products. It makes it easy to compare products, consult positive reviews or even promote an upsell to a customer that is looking for a higher price range. Quality Design makes it easier to recommend and sell related products, which benefits your revenue.

Quality Design as ‘fitness for use’
Quality can be defined as “customer satisfaction”. It’s a matter of retrieving and using feedback over and over again untill your meet those high levels of quality and, therefore, customer satisfaction. A high-quality website or communication tool does what its customers want in such a way that they are actually eager to use them. The result? A higher profit and a lower cost.

How can you improve the quality of your current design?
Quality Design is crucial in a time when everyone and everything goes digital. There has been a shift in our business approach: not our products, but our sales methods and corporate organisation are changing. Competitors are popping up all over the place. It’s time to distinguish yourself from the crowd:
  • Interact with real customers through interviews, observations and surveys. When do they engage with your site? When do you leave?
  • Explore your customer profile and customer journey.
  • Users behaviour analysis. How do customers act on your website?
  • A cycle of design, test, measure and redesign until the objectives are met.

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