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The 'New Way of Development' for transactional applications

The digital timeage requires increasingly more expertise and flexibility. Today, it's not just a matter of reaching the technological peak, but to stay there. Tobania, a partner for digital transformation, actively engages in proactivity and presents innovative ideas to its customers.​

The business unit Transactional Solutions is specialized in developing and maintaining these transactional applications using robust technology: Java (for open systems) and / or COBOL (for mainframe platforms).

Transactional applications: what's in a name?

Transactional applications are software systems that allow information to be registered, modified and managed. In most cases, there are also connections with related systems and to one or more database(s) service. These include financial transactions, medical systems management systems, data registration systems, etc. For these complex applications, more than 75 experienced Java consultants and about 50 COBOL programmers work in the unit. Together with the 25 application architects, they develop tailor-made projects for clients in various sectors.

‘New Way of Development’

We use the Agile method. Communication, transparency, quality and quick response with keeping in mind the requested changes are the basis on flexibility.

The Agile method has relatively short development cycles (called Sprints and takes two to three weeks) and allows the project to be produced quickly and efficiently. The customer always plays the role of Product Owner.

Build and Run

Tobania helps clients create new software (Build) and maintain existing software (Run). Both Build and Run work in a result-oriented way and engage us through Key Performance Indicators and Service Level Agreements. These two parameters define the performance level that the consultants team needs to achieve. This ensures that our customers receive a quality project that fully fits into their digital strategy.

«As "product owner" you specify what you want to realize and list all the elements that need to be updated. The team then starts with a Sprint for a part of the items that are reserved. »

Thierry Parquet - Director Managed Development Services

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