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Switching to new applications without the hassle

Switching from your old software to new applications scares us all. A release usually means a lot of hassle, as well as more expense. Tobania now has the solution to that and, what’s more, it is fully automated.

What if you could shorten the commissioning of delivered applications from three months to two weeks? What if you no longer needed to announce on your website that you are unavailable for a day because you are changing applications? What if your IT people no longer had to carry out repetitive manual actions with more chance of errors? A dream? Then the good news is that, with the automated release pipelines from Tobania, that dream has become a reality.

Agile is the key word in today’s business and that means faster deliveries, so you can respond to changes in legislation, or commercial actions, or whatever. Jan Van Wassenhove, Java Chapter Lead at Tobania, says that Agile is also the basis for the development of this method. "Having to do a complex release with various applications every few months is a thing of the past." Thanks to the automated release pipelines, it is no longer a matter of months, but of only a few weeks, even with large releases. So, you as an organisation, can respond much better to the fast-changing world. Another benefit: the costs of resources that need to be executed in a manual process are greatly reduced. 

To speed up the release process, all the steps have been analysed. There are quite a few steps, recurring every time, that resemble each other: installation, database, validation, testing, communication to third parties. They have been automated step-by-step in the correct order – in parallel execution or otherwise -  and added to the pipeline. The result is a generic, very transparent and completely reliable, process.  Furthermore, there is absolutely no limit to your accessibility as an organisation. “You can even start the process in the middle of the night. No one needs to be present, even emergency situations, rollback scenarios can be anticipated via automation.  

So old versions can be restored if the new one is blocked by network problems, for example." In short, with the automated release pipeline from Tobania, the time-to-market can now be seriously reduced for every organisation. Let’s finish with an example. "In practice, we come across releases that take a whole day. We can complete about twenty applications within forty-five minutes. That is a major cost-saving, especially for the customer."

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