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Published on 21-02-2020

Stronger together: Tobania fights for the good cause

At Tobania, we care about people. That’s why we have decided to lend our support to three initiatives: Levensloop Gent, Wielerklub Noord-West Brabant and Run4Fun (Beyond the Moon vzw). Getting your heart rate up to help others, makes our hearts beat faster too.
Levensloop Gent & Tobania are joining forces

We all know someone who is fighting cancer. That’s why Tobania supports Levensloop Gent on 25 & 26 April 2020, to help Stichting tegen Kanker reach its goals. 

As a Bronze Partner, Tobania (among others) makes the Levensloop Gent event possible. During this event, teams will run/jog/walk for 24 hours, taking turns in a (non-competitive) relay. They are sponsored by family and friends for their efforts. In addition, there is entertainment foreseen alongside the course for visitors and supporters, including small performances, workshops and workouts. Countless stalls sell some nice-to-haves and the necessary food and drinks.
Thanks to sponsors, such as Tobania, the revenue of Levensloop can go directly to the Stichting tegen Kanker. Scientific research, patient counselling, cancer detection and prevention are the main goals. 
In addition, the event is also a symbolic gathering. The 24 hours of ‘suffering’ symbolise the constant struggle of patients and their families. It supports the people who survived or are still fighting cancer. And t remembers those who died of the disease. It shows how we are stronger together, a message that Tobania wants to support wholeheartedly.

Run 4 Fun and Tobania turn the world into a better place together

The Van Dessel Run 4 Fun will take place for the first time on Sunday 13 September 2020. It’s a recreational walking and running event for charity. Tobania supports this event, so the entire revenue can go to Beyond the Moon vzw

The idea behind this happening? We usually walk and run for ourselves. To clear our heads, for our health or just because we like it. But during the VD Run 4 Fun, the participants’ hearts beat for someone else. They support Beyond the Moon vzw with every step they take. 

Families with a sick child constantly cherish the hope for better and more pleasant times. From a carefree family vacation with Beyond the Moon, they draw the energy to continue the daily fight against a disease. Tobania is proud to take part in such a great purpose. 

Wielerklub Noord-West Brabant & Tobania: a winning team

Tobians are not afraid of getting their heart rate up: many of our employees go for a run or a few walks every week or so. Some of our employees play football together. The ping pong games at our Strombeek HQ are not something to joke about. The choice to support Wielerklub Noord-West Brabant and to invest in local talent, is therefore evident. We want to encourage a healthy and active lifestyle. 

With roots dating back to the 1930s, NW Brabant from Merchtem can look back on a rich history, filled with many beautiful sportive memories. In 1959 (60 years ago!), the official start was made. Since those days, the organisation can count on enthusiastic members and - not unimportant - dedicated supporters. Going for an easy endurance ride on Sunday or entering a challenging race… These cyclists are always on the move. 
Tobania wants to be a company that values dedication and gives young talent the chance to develop itself. NW Brabant shares this view. With the start of the new millennium, 20 years ago, the club launched a training program for younger members (among experienced athletes). Today, the organisation is a place where everybody can train and helps each other to develop themselves. Tobania is happy to contribute to this (new) generation of cyclists. We support development and growth. 

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