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Security at home

Check out our webinar of V-ICT-OR

Most people work (at least) a few days a week from home. They cannot count on the same 'layers of security' as at the office. That's why Tobania & V-ICT-OR offer you this webinar, which focuses on just those circumstances.
For this webinar, we can rely on the professional explanation and practical demonstration from our technology partners. They’ll introduce two tools to you:
  • With SentinelOne, a behaviour-based detection and protection tool, you can secure your employees' endpoints. The AI engines track all processes and their interrelationships. When malicious activities are detected, the agent responds automatically and protects your endpoints. This tool provides rich forensic data to feed to your logging tools.
  • The second one, Exabeam, is a data logging tool. This UEBA (User and Entity Behavioural Analytics) tool offers unlimited log storage from a wide variety of sources (including SentinelOne). It uses behavioural analysis to analyse those data and detect attacks. This allows you to monitor, analyse and protect your End Points, Cloud apps as well as your corporate VPN.

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