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Sofie Thielemans

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Published on 21-02-2019

Productivity Best Practices for European Commission and its institutions

Together with Nerea and Microsoft, we had the pleasure to welcome the European Institutions to our event on Thursday June 8th 2017

During this one-day session, they learned how to:

  • Centralise and improve the quality of each type of communication between the various stakeholders and to do so with a powerful contact management system
  • Project4EU was designed following recognition of the need to manage a “work schedule” long-term, to define aims and to do so for all projects that are being carried out. This consists of the principles and processes of Project Management for implementing a “work schedule” within an EU institution or organisation

The entire event was based on good examples and practical cases of European institutions. They told the story of the application and benefits that they achieve with this solution.

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