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Little Talk: between the covers with Lieven Annemans

As a health economist and brand-new member of the national corona advisory council, Lieven Annemans has a crystal-clear vision on our current health system: “It should be accessible and affordable for everyone.” In order to reinforce his vision, Annemans has written several books. Curious? Get in the mood for our event Future Talks and dive into the following must-reads:

“Health economics for non-economists”
Health economics is about making wise investments in health and health care. The purpose of this book is to make you familiar with the principles, methods and pitfalls of health economic evaluations. These evaluations help to make choices and set priorities in favour of those investments (for prevention, diagnosis, cure or care) that give the greatest return on health for money spent.

“Je geld of je leven in de gezondheidszorg”
Should our society pay for cardiac screenings of young athletes? Or should we just accept occasional heart disease deaths? Based on all types of medical cases, Lieven Annemans shows how money determines our health. At the same time, he humorously guides us past difficult choices, denounces malpractices in our health care system and stimulates you to make your voice heard.

“De prijs van uw gezondheid”
Our health system is derailing. It’s no longer affordable due to too much research and over-treatment. But at the same time, savings are made by the government, which is often at the expense of the quality of care. The price we all pay for this is extremely high: expensive care, poorer quality and avoidable health problems become daily costs.
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Join us and Lieven Annemans on Thursday the 1st of October during the first edition of Future Talks. Subscribe here.
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