Sofie Thielemans

Sofie Thielemans

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Published on 21-02-2019

Let employees participate in HR processes

Are the timetables still hung on the notice board? Do employees send notes or mail with applications for leave? None of that will help you in the War for Talent. However, with the employee-centric tools from Tobania you can score good points.

Twenty years ago, employees found it completely normal that the HR department was responsible for the payroll, planning and training. Ten years ago, various tasks, especially timetable preparation, shifted to the department heads. They often had their own methods for that, whether it frustrated their own people or not. Today, it’s the employee who is getting more and more involved, say Karl Hendrickx and Wim Bosmans of Tobania Employee Product Solutions (EPS).

“Work is no longer something employees simply undergo, they now participate in the process instead, whether it concerns planning or training programmes. The War for Talent plays a role in this, which makes employees more demanding and empowered, but the younger generations entering the workplace also play a part. They want to have more impact on what they do. That means that everything is becoming more and more employee-centric.” This is where the Belgian Manageable and Feasible Work Act comes in, which makes a lot more flexibility possible within organisations. It’s almost impossible to keep up with all that complexity manually.

The more complex, the better, is the way it’s put by Belux market leader Tobania EPS. After all, for planning, time registration and people management, their integrated solution is as solid as a rock. “We started automating the planning process fourteen years ago and we have continued to build on the basis of market needs. We have listened a lot to what our customers say. We have incorporated that feedback into our products. All components are designed for each other; they are not separate packages that you have to put together. From hiring to retiring or firing, you have one solution, from one supplier.”

Moreover, all products are also equipped with a strongly developed employee self-service. Employees can access the apps any time of the day from their tablets, smartphones, etc. They get the hang of it quickly, say Karl Hendrickx and Wim Bosmans assuringly. “If you can order shoes at Zalando, you can also use our application for arranging your timetable or a training programme. It also looks good when taking out your smartphone on a cafe terrace to see if you are available for a trip. If you as an employer do not participate in this evolution now, you will become less appealing, especially for the younger generations.”


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