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Sofie Thielemans

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Published on 21-02-2019

IT Security is concentrated around end users

The needs within the IT security field are evolving at an incredibly rapid pace.

What are the most important evolutions in the IT security field? Michiels: “Organisations used to have a large security perimeter for their IT security, which was often linked to a location or a physical network. Everything which needed to pass that security perimeter had to be checked. However, this way of working is no longer satisfactory. This is why these days this perimeter is around the end users and the identities they represent.” “The end points (smartphones, PC’s, tablets, ...) are closely connected to those identities. They are very vulnerable, which is why IT security suppliers try to focus on the behaviour of the end users and/or end points via new technologies. Anything which deviates from normal behaviour is considered to be suspicious. This is subsequently made visible to the IT people, based on which they can take instant action.”

What’s the importance of a good partnership? Michiels: “Many organisations see a personal IT security approach as very important, in addition to the provision of a good service. They want to work together with people who will think along with them and who they can instantly call when they’re in need of assistance. There aren’t many organisations left who will be satisfied with an external and impersonal helpdesk, which doesn’t sufficiently know their organisation. In addition, people want to make the right investment at the right time and in accordance with the right budget. This can only be achieved via a good partnership, where a personal approach is absolutely central. This is the only way an IT security supplier will be able to estimate how the organisation functions, what’s important to them and what their goals are.”

How can organisations stay up to date on the latest (and more expensive) technologies? Vercauteren: “Top-of-the-line technologies are incredibly expensive. This has resulted in many organisations only buying a subset of their capacities by not including certain modules or licences. It’s always better to use the full technology, otherwise it will prove to be insufficient. This is why we’re offering these types of technologies via an OPEX model (Operational Expenditure), where we make the full technology available to customers at a fixed monthly cost, which includes all the services.” “The longer the customer commits for, the less his monthly payments will be. An additional advantage is that when the contract expires, the customer can opt for a newer or more extensive technology. This allows organisations to continue to follow the latest innovations.”


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