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How to take a break?

Working during the holidays... it's already pretty hard.

Especially when you see all those nice holiday photos of colleagues passing by. A first tip? During your well-deserved breaks, put your mobile phone aside and don’t go scrolling on social media! So, what’s the alternative? We'd like to give you a few tips. 

1. Leave your workplace
Simple but effective. You associate the place with work and productivity, if only because you are triggered by all kinds of unfinished jobs. Changing your environment does wonders for your associative abilities and thus your creativity and problem-solving skills.

2. Yoga or stretching
One of the ways to leave your workplace is to step on your yoga mat. There are a lot of videos on YouTube that focus on 'office breaks' or 'work breaks'. Not able to lie on your mat (at the office, for example)? Leave your desk for a few effective stretches that allow your muscles to relax immediately. Some of these stretches can even be performed at your desk. 

3. Meditation
With apps like ‘Headspace’ you create - the name says it all - space in your head. Whether you're an advanced or novice meditator, there are plenty of possibilities. Then you can get back to work with a fresh head. 

4. Walk (with the dog)
For some people, the two options above may be just a little too floaty. Does the word ‘yoga’ alone make your hair stand up? Then a short walk or jog, with or without a dog, might be a better option. With a bit of luck, you can also put on a portion of vitamin D.
But rub it on, huh!  

5. Calling a friend/family or a chat with a colleague
Maybe you already regularly send a message to the home front, but for real relaxation a phone call is of course more appropriate. This can be done with friends and family, but just as well in real life with a colleague. Agree to take a break together. And why don’t you go for a walk in the meantime?

6. Powernap
Powernaps can be very effective, IF you don't do them too often or for too long. Otherwise your sleep will be sent off. But for irregular hours or long days, it can be an excellent way to increase your concentration and efficiency. 
Then put your smartphone away, don't go watching YouTube movies during your break: go for a brisk walk, take a power nap or meditate for a few minutes.
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