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Gender equality at Tobania: proud of our forerunner position

Gender equality is a hot topic in both politics and business. For example, the European Commission states that by 2020, 40% of the positions on the corporate board must be held by women. Within the technology related sector, this may present many companies with challenges.

In 2015, the European Commission proposed objectives for gender equality. One of the most important points is the female membership on the corporate board. A female presence of 40% is expected by 2020. This is a strong contrast with the Belgian average of 25% in most compagnies. It seems to be a difficult target, but for Tobania it’s an obvious choice: the objective has long been achieved. The benefits of gender diversity are numerous. Companies with a mixed board are better able to create a well-functioning and close-knit team and they succeed in winning over people faster.

Gender diversity in all departments is one of the goals we attach importance to. In IT-related companies, in Belgium in 2018 barely 14% of employees were female. Tobania is with 31% female employees proud of a forerunner position.

Gender diversity increases positivity in the workplace. There is more room for communication and this benefits employee motivation. It influences both female and male employees, who also gain more confidence and stay on board longer.

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