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From airhosts to wingman: our mission

In 2019, we had a turnover of 97 million euros and we employed 1,000 Tobians. By 2020, we aim to reach the 110-million-euro target. Our strategy: keep expanding and diversifying our services and solutions.

During 2019, we launched our wingman campaign. From executive airhosts / airhostesses, we have evolved in our recent years to a wingman, a co-pilot who guides clients as a reliable partner on their digital journey. Our client determines the direction, but we guarantee a smooth and safe flight.

What does this mean in concrete terms?
  • We increasingly focus on solutions & services. Our customers no longer have to lay awake: we take responsibility to guarantee their success. 
  • We give advice and look at the future together. We share our expertise on digital strategies to support our customer in their decisions. 
  • Moreover, Tobania can implement these solutions, using the right tools and methods, while getting everyone on board. We guide our clients and ensure that they achieve their objectives. 
By expanding and diversifying our services and solutions, we go for larger, interesting projects. We want to be a knowledge centre, where expertise is shared and innovation is created through cooperation. 
Tobania wants to be a guide that clearly distinguishes itself in the market. We are TOBE (Together, Open, Bright, Entrepreneurial), Belgian and Agile. We are customer-oriented and strongly committed to fulfil the promises we make. We can be your wingman, any time.
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