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Expert2Go – the expertise you need

While agile and DevOps are excellent development methods for digital applications, testing is still required. In order to perfect the process, you need detailed testing solutions supported by technically skilled and proactive people. Those tailor-made testing solutions are what Tobania offers with its Expert2Go model.

What is Expert2Go?

Tobania’s Expert2Go model is a solution-based approach. We want to solve problems for our customers. That’s why we always start from a clean slate and create customised solutions. Those solutions are developed and implemented by a team consisting of both technical masters and analytical minds – because every problem needs a different approach.

How does Expert2Go work?

Tobania’s Expert2Go (X2G) model works through the power of mixed profiles. An expert or senior designs and sets up the solution, after which a dedicated team of Tobania consultants takes over to maintain the project and extend it where necessary. During the assignment, the expert offers support and quality assurance for the developed solution and provided services.

Why you should go for Tobania’s Expert2Go model

Quick and easy access to the expertise you need
Our experts design and set up the solution. After that, a dedicated team of Tobania consultants takes over to maintain and extend it. Meanwhile, the expert assures that all solutions and services are up to par.

Tailor-made solutions
Supported by a team of technical and analytical profiles, our experts develop solutions that are made to fit to your business.

 A broad range of services
Thanks to the diverse expertise available at Tobania, Expert2Go offers a broad range of testing services, including but not limited to: API testing, performance testing and test automation.

Because of the unique combination of experts and junior profiles, we offer reasonably priced, down-to-earth solutions that work for your company.

Do you have a technical challenge and need an expert opinion? We’re happy to help!

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