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COVID-19 pandemic: Tobania, your wingman in uncertain times

The rapid spread of the coronavirus has sparked alarm worldwide. At Tobania, we do everything to guarantee business continuity. We remain our customers’ wingman, even in uncertain times. As an open and transparent company, we think it’s important to provide information on how we will continue to support our Tobians and – of course- our customers.

First and for all, we do everything possible to retain healthy employees and not give the virus a chance. When the type of work and the circumstances allow it, our employees are given the freedom to choose their own workplace without sacrificing quality, productivity or efficiency. For our consultants in the field, we are in close consultation with our customers and we discuss the practical possibilities case by case.
The point is, we are lucky to be a flexible digital company. We have all the collaboration tools available to work remotely. We’re able to offer the best service and to find solutions for any of the challenges on our path today.
Those who do work at the office, are constantly updated on the latest news and are strongly advised to take all necessary measures. Non-urgent meetings in large groups are postponed, but we are well able to run most of our meetings remotely. Business as usual.

Providing solutions: fast and to-the-point

These uncertain times don’t ask for restrictive matters only. Instead, we want to go the extra mile. We keep providing 24/7 technical and functional support to our customers’ clients and their employees. Our customers may have questions today that they have never faced before. Simple questions about setting up a remote office or about the login and installation of applications are quickly resolved. But our support teams of experts are at your disposal for your more complex problems too. 

A digital environment to virtually meet, collaborate and exchange documents is a necessity if you cannot just drop by a colleague’s desk. We can count on innovative Cloud solutions such as Microsoft Azure, AWS and Alibaba Cloud. Together, these services ensure business continuity. Thanks to a secure VPN connection and a stable internet signal, everyone can access the necessary information without any problems.

Providing excellent service is our top priority. Our clients can count on us.

Two hands-on tips
1.      Microsoft launches a free Office 365 trial period of 6 months, in response to the increased need for employees to work from home because of COVID-19. Need some help or additional explanation regarding this action? As an authorised Microsoft partner, we’re committed to rethink workplaces. Count on us to embrace flexible and collaborative ways of working.
2.      You may have noticed that Tobania is passionate about sharing its knowledge through the frequent organization of events. Unfortunately, the events that were foreseen in March and April will be cancelled. We are looking into the possibility to organize them via e-learning and conference calls. We will inform you about this as soon as possible.

Remember that these digital environments stimulate a Continuous Learning culture. Knowledge sharing is possible anywhere, anytime. Our experts are always available, or at least only one click away from your own remote office.
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