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China, a magnet for investments

Five facts foreign companies should know when considering doing business in China // Tip 1

3 reasons why over 35.600 foreign-funded businesses started up in China in 2017:

  • It’s the world’s most populous nation and its wealth keeps growing. The constructive actions of the Chinese government have been going on since 1978. They’ve opened their economy to integrate it into the global economy. As China’s growth continues, a range of opportunities emerge for us, meaning the time is now to get started. 

  • The consumer income rises, which results in a higher demand for goods, services and raw materials. Industrial production increases, and so does the demand for services in tourism and intellectual property. This is reflected in the continued growth of the GDP: the Chinese economy grew 6,9 % in 2017. 
  • China’s major industries are currently manufacturing services and agriculture. However, one aspect of the economy is growing faster than any other: digital. 

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