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Published on 03-07-2019

Case | Febelfin Academy

Fast Forward for Febelfin Academy

Tobania renewed the learning platform as it should be

Today, the financial sector is fully committed to innovation and digital transformation. Febelfin Academy, the training centre of the federation of banks and insurers in Belgium, also wants to play a pioneering role in this. They chose Tobania for the modification and renewal of their existing platform. Ease of use and interactivity were essential for the client. Although the delivery period was limited, Tobania managed to motivate the entire team for this assignment.

What did we realise?
The existing platform has been completely renewed. A team of both Febelfin Academy employees and Tobania people was put together for this. Because the time pressure was great, we opted for techniques such as Agile and Scrum.

We didn't want the project to bog down in inefficiency. That is why we acted quickly within the team. We consulted regularly and worked in short sprints from realisation to realisation. Kanban signs have also helped us to make progress faster.

What result was reached with Tobania?
At the end of the assignment all data was transferred to the updated platform, taking security into account and at the same time easy access for all Febelfin Academy employees. Despite some challenging obstacles, we succeeded in achieving a strong result. The Febelfin Academy management praised the Tobania courage and dedication to bring this unusual assignment to a successful conclusion.

What can Tobania do for you?
The Febelfin Academy helps employees from the banking and insurance sector to sharpen their knowledge and skills. In addition, it is responsible for certification. In Tobania it found a like-minded partner who could update their existing platform. This way, work is done even more efficiently and the organization is ready for the future. Do you also think of Tobania as a partner for your digital transformation? Our more than 1000 experts are happy to help you achieve your objectives.


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