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Published on 20-02-2019

Building threat resilience

Security & Infrastructure Services business unit performs a reformed course under new management

Today Tobania, a leading ICT player in the Belgian market, presents the new vision of its Security & Infrastructure Services business unit. The unit carries a reformed, future-oriented course under new management. ‘We build threat resilience’ represents the innovative, service-oriented strategy of the Security & Infrastructure Services business unit, which serves as a long-term partner to prevent any threat to operational activity at the customer level. "The Belgian market is ready for such a proactive approach," say business unit manager Wim Kretzers and security services manager Philippe Michiels.

The new vision for the Security & Infrastructure Services business unit is informed by the insights and experiences of the managers now at the helm of the unit: Wim Kretzers has nine years of commercial experience, including six at a major European player in the ICT market, and Philippe Michiels has 15+ years of technical experience with another leading ICT business.

We build threat resilience

The 'we build threat resilience' vision is formed by a clear focus on the market, where a significant switch from CAPEX (investment in innovation projects) to OPEX (operational expenditure models) has been occurring. Essentially Tobania's Security & Infrastructure Services business unit is dedicated to the prevention of any threats to customers’ operational activities relating to cyber security and infrastructure. This means avoiding downtime, as well as protecting the security of critical data and assets.

The unit is focused on two areas:

  • Cyber Defence Program: a partnership based on risk management and smart investments. In a market that offers a multitude of solutions, Tobania is not limited to the implementation of the most prominent technology. Tobania security professionals determine the optimum strategy by examining what investment is best suited to the specific security risks and needs of the customer’s business environment, and subsequently offering the corresponding solution as a service.
  • Managed Cloud Program: guiding customers from the inevitable shift to a full cloud environment, Tobania offers a portfolio of private, hybrid and public-cloud managed services.

More than 30 consultants are active within this unit, responsible for managing the complex challenges in the field of Security and Infrastructure, and ensuring the smooth functioning of the implemented solutions.

Tobania's Security & Infrastructure Services business unit will focus on five unique selling propositions, or USPs: proactiveness, innovation, commitment to Service Level Agreements, a flexible service model and certified experts. For the technology that will underly the new services, Tobania has selected a number of qualitative and advanced key partners.

"We believe that the Belgian market is ready for innovative cloud security from a service strategy. We also feel that there is a need for a customized partnership, in which we dedicate ourselves to providing the best service day after day. As a result, we achieve a high score on customer satisfaction and contribute to the growth of our customers,” says Wim Kretzers.

"We do not want to be just another integrator and managed services provider, but become a pioneer in Security and Infrastructure and present ourselves as a reliable partner who guarantees a proactive relationship," Philippe Michiels adds.

"Our ambition is to be a leading player by 2021, one of the top three Security & Infrastructure Service providers in the Belgian market. We aim to achieve this with excellent service, in which customer experience plays a very big role,” concludes Wim Kretzers, business unit manager of Tobania's Security & Infrastructure Services.


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