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3 ways in which your IT infrastructure can help your company to innovate

Classic service providers are often still focussed on achieving the agreed SLA’s and reducing the cost price.

This won’t always give your company the desired results. Tobania understands that customers expect more. They don’t just want to be technologically ‘on trend’, but they also want to be ahead of the competition and be creative. They want to be able to rely on a partner who proactively thinks along, advises and co-creates with them in order to realise this.

From workplace management to managed services, Tobania searches for, tests and evaluates the right tools and software tailored to your business needs. You decide whether or not you want to use them. Discover the different advantages associated with this innovative approach.

1. Monitor your customers and anticipate problems

You can acquire a total overview of your client’s calling behaviour by expanding your standard CRM package, for example with call logging: how often did he call and about what? You can offer specific courses regarding this subject if this same question makes a regular appearance. You can also often detect problems before they even arise by proactively monitoring your own workstations.

2. Avoid sudden price spikes with a fixed monthly amount.

Your IT environment costs will become a great deal more predictable with managed hosting. You can maintain better control of your service desk and IT support costs with a fixed cost price per seat or workplace. A dynamic price model like this will evolve with your business and will make determining your budgets a great deal easier. Leasing your business equipment will allow you to avoid the financial hangover associated with heavy investments.

3. Adjust your expectations

Artificial intelligence or AI is currently a hot topic. There are always many who want to jump on the bandwagon, but the expectations are often (still) too high and the required knowledge too low. AI is not a miracle cure. You must stay level-headed where this is concerned. It’s much more sensible to first investigate any possible problems and how you can tackle these with specific technology. Trust Tobania to detect any teething problems and to only propose solutions which will allow your business to grow. After all, your success is our success

Discover for yourself what managed services and workplace management can mean for your company: Lore Simons and Sven De Troch, Tobania’s experts, will gladly guide you through your innovation.

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