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Future Talks with Lieven Annemans.

What it's all about
Future Talks is an interactive event with inspiring leaders of tomorrow. By giving you a seat at the (virtual) table alongside those pioneers, we aim to connect theoretical with real business cases.

Why we do it
With our entrepreneurial and dynamic mindset, we are always on the lookout for the cleverest ideas and newest insights. So, let's get started! The future starts today.

How you can talk the talk
No boring PowerPoint presentation, but an interactive session with room for an open discussion. Why? Our Tobian lexicon doesn't include the word one-way communication. We like to share things. We are open. We don't watch the talk. We talk the talk. So, brace yourself. Raise your voice. Share ideas. Gain new insights. The floor is yours.

Excellent healthcare should be accessible and affordable for everyone.

- Lieven Annemans

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Mic takeover - Lieven Annemans

On Thursday the 1st of October 2020, we proudly present our first speaker Lieven Annemans. As an author, lecturer, advisor and Senior Professor of Health Economics at Ghent University, he will be pleased to talk about his vision on an efficient healthcare policy: EQO (Equity and Quality Optimizing). ​​​​​​​

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The future healthcare system is an EQO healthcare system: Equity and Quality Optimizing.

More specific?
It’s an ideal healthcare system in which we try to offer the best possible healthcare quality to everyone.

What else?
The EQO system is a sustainable one as well, everyone should be able to pay for it. Let’s get there step by step.

By making wise public investments in healthcare. By challenging the cost-effectiveness of new technologies. By creating a solid e-health information system which is available for any patient. Anywhere. Anytime. By creating networks of health professionals and organisations. By offering low co-payments for patients and citizens. And most of all: by investing in health promotion across all sectors.

During our session, Lieven Annemans will talk you through all these steps.

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Yes, I like to read the good stuff

Need a shot of inspiration to get in the mood four our session? Lieven Annemans has written several books about his healthcare ideas. Gezondheidseconomie voor niet-economen, Je geld of je leven in de gezondheidszorg (his own favourite!) and De prijs van uw gezondheid or just some of his works. Discover them all and get Annemans' ideas for on the go. Yes, give me more Lieven Annemans

Where do we meet and greet?

Date: Thursday 1 of October 2020
Place to be: Tobania HQ, Romeinsesteenweg 564, 1853 Strombeek-Bever
Safety: Bring your mouth mask and we will take care of the rest. 

Things to do:

  • 16h00-16h30: Welcome & drinks
  • 16h30-18h00: Talk the talk with Lieven Annemans
  • 18h00: Walking dinner
  • 21h00: Mic drop, let's call it a day
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October 2020
Tobania HQ


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