Digital applications make the difference

Supporting your strategy

As a process-based organisation, you need software as a support for your corporate strategy. Count on us to choose the right software or to develop a tailor-made one. Thanks to a carefully selected and well-integrated solution, you will always gain a competitive advantage.

Broad range of software

From our own HR software and CMS to the world of finance: count on us for a broad range of software products. No matter how difficult the assignment might be, our experienced people make the difference. We build and maintain solutions to increase your business value.

20 years proven experience

Our 300 local experts leverage their hands-on and tailored approach to guide you through the process. To always stay tuned about the latest innovative technologies, they are grouped in factories, competence centres, communities and DevOps tribes.

Application Management

Updating, modifying and re-assessing of your software applications

Application Integrations

Connecting applications and data flows

DevOps Solutions

Bringing people, processes & technology together for a faster result

Custom Software Development

Designing, creating, deploying and maintaining software, tailored to your needs

IT Consultancy & Advisory

Auditing, advising and assisting your current & future IT services

Cloud Architecture Development

Optimising your applications towards a private/public/hybrid architecture

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Coffees a day

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