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Test Coordination and Management

Testing is expensive, but the release of a product without proper testing, is a much bigger cost item. You can, however, reduce the testing price tag, by good coordination and management of the testing process. At Tobania, we can train people to ensure quality by enforcing your Quality Gates.

All phases of a test process are discussed step by step from the perspective of a test coordinator: we’ll show you numerous practical examples and exercises.The training shows you how to develop a test strategy, test plan and a test budget. You’ll learn how to choose the right test technique to follow up your projects efficiently. We’ll pay attention to quality and risk reporting, evaluation reports, findings management and test management tools.Other success factors are also covered: correct communication, review process, and test process improvement.

This training is suitable for junior test coordinators, developers, consultants, test leads, etc. and for everyone who needs understanding of the set-up of project specific test approaches and planning. 

You will be able to write test plans and reports. You’ll learn to implement test techniques, to create efficient reviews and to introduce test tools. In the end, you can set up proper test plans for every phase, but also for the entire test project. 

€1390 (VAT excl)

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