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QA within DevOps

Agile is becoming mainstream. DevOps, however, is just around the corner. What does this mean for QA?

What does this mean for the testers and developers? How can quality be assured when we want to move fast? Our QA within DevOps training provides insights into quality improvement in a fast-moving DevOps environment.

This training is suitable for anyone who is interested in QA within a DevOps world: IT managers, testers, developers, analysts, SM's,.... You will learn more about the concepts that are crucial to move fast while quality stays assured. 

You will gather insights on how quality can be improved in a DevOps environment, and have a better understanding of the different testing activities that are required to achieve quality in a fast-moving world.

Minimum 8, Maximum 14 participants
€1250 (VAT excl)

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