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Performance Testing with JMeter

Performance Testing is done to gain an insight into the application response time, stability and scalability. More importantly, Performance Testing uncovers what needs to be improved before the product is delivered.

Performance Testing becomes more and more important since potential performance issues (and outages) will have a high business impact and lead to loss of revenue.This 2-day course will give you a full understanding of the general concepts, as well as a basic and advanced understanding and usage of JMeter. 
In 2 days, we will not only cover the basic steps to create and execute a performance test script, but we will also improve the script, using JMeter features. 

This training is suitable for anyone who wants to learn how to carry out performance testing with JMeter. Basic IT knowledge is not necessarily required, but will help you during the course (JSON, XML, html,...).

During this training, you will gather insights on the specific quality aspects of performance testing. Afterwards, you will be able to script and execute performance tests and interpret its results.

Minimum 8, Maximum 10 participants
€1250 (VAT excl)

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