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ISTQB Foundation Level

At Tobania, we consider ourselves ambassadors of quality. We will help and train you to become a quality gatekeeper with The Foundation Level syllabus, which is the basis of the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB®) Certified Tester Scheme.

A project without a well thought out, structured test approach is doomed to fail. In today’s development life cycle, testing plays a major part in the success of a product under development to ensuring that quality goals, both functional and non-functional, will be reached. The ISTQB Foundation Level Certified Tester is the most widespread qualification scheme in the world, and the syllabi contents and glossary have become the standard industry reference for software testing.

This training is suitable for anyone (Project managers, analysts, developers, consultants, etc… ) who needs basic understanding of testing and who will one way or another be involved in testing within a project. You will go home with better understanding of the common test language for efficient and effective communication, efficiently ready and prepared to do the exam.

ISTQB: Introduction
Chapter 1: Fundamentals of Testing
Chapter 2: Testing Throughout The Software Lifecycle
Chapter 3: Static Techniques
Chapter 4: Test Design Techniques
Chapter 5: Test Management
Chapter 6: Tool Support For Testing

€1250 (VAT excl)

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