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Selenium at its best: low maintenance and sustainable Scripts

An event for all software quality heroes out there, powered by Tobania & Saucelabs. Join our hands-on meeting on Continuous Testing and exchange ideas with your fellow testers.
  • 18h-18h30: welcome and pizza time
  • 18h30: Marcus explains the importance of Low Maintenance and sustainable Selenium Scripts.
  • 19h15: Titus takes you in the code: 
    • "Start with examples of imperative tests"
    • "Show how to abstract out the Data information"
    • "Show how to abstract out the Page information"
    • If there is enough time: "Show how to leverage a REST client to set up and validate information to speed up test execution" & "Implement a global waiting strategy"
  • 21h: drinks & talks
  • 23h: end of the evening

All code in the exercises will be available on Github if anyone wants to show up with a laptop and follow along. Please make sure everything is installed and up and running. There will be no time to setup a dev environment.
* Java JDK
* Git
* IntelliJ (Community Edition is free)

About Marcus Merrel (USA)

Marcus has been in QA-related jobs since 2001, starting with Web Service testing and taking on UI testing using QTP and then Selenium. In the last few years, however, he’s broken into the world of feature-driven software development &Test Automation. 
Currently, Marcus works as a Senior Director of Technical Services at Sauce Labs. He’s an avid piano player and enjoys life in Austin, TX with his wife and two crazy boys.

About Titus Fortner (USA)

Titus first went to the Naval Academy, studied nuclear engineering and became a submarine officer. Afterwards, Titus went back to school for a year to learn computer science. Focusing on Test Automation was an accident, but the influence testing had on the overall system and process was immediately appealing to him. Titus then became a core contributor to the Selenium project
Currently, Titus works as a Senior Solution Architect at Sauce Labs. When he isn’t convincing customers how to better use Page Objects, Titus reads, writes open source code and takes day trips with his blind dog who loves car rides.

About Sauce Labs

Sauce Labs ensures the world’s leading apps and websites work flawlessly on every browser, OS and device. Optimized for CI, CD and DevOps, Sauce eliminates the time and expense of maintaining an in-house testing infrastructure, freeing dev teams of any size to innovate and release better software, faster. Developers can run tests written in any language using Selenium or Appium, both widely adopted open source standards for automating browser and mobile application functionality. Debugging tools, videos, screenshots, and log files help pinpoint issues faster, and Sauce Connect allows you to securely test apps behind your firewall. Learn more at saucelabs.com

03 MAR



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