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Introducing a new security solution at OneSpan

A new platform for more security.

OneSpan is in Belgium known for his security tokens for safe entry and bank tokens. Our assignment was to support internal security, increase incident response and the creation of a platform to reduce costs and raise profit.  

 OneSpan was looking for an economical solution to raise their efficiency and consolidate all IT logs. Internal security teams required more information (through increased visibility) to respond quickly in the case of a security incident. 

Exabeam (Exabeam Data Lake & Exabeam Advanced Analytics technology) was implemented, an innovative platform. Behavioural Analytics and Machine Learning algorithms create a unique overview of all logs. We took care of demos and effective proof-of-concept setups. These also provided the employees with in-house knowledge of the new solution.  

OneSpan was able to close a number of incidents thanks to the use of the new platform. They can ensure their customers the best security possible. At Tobania we have the right security profiles who, together with you and your employees, tackle the problems and build the structures, tailored to your company. 

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