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AXA | We demonstrated the value of our flexibility. 

A good vibe is always the right approach

AXA sets high standards when it comes to operation upgrades. Both the service desk and the B2B environment could use extra support. AXA indicated a number of urgent tasks in the queue that needed attention on short notice. Our consultants joined the AXA employees in first and second line to develop a collaborative approach as quickly as possible.

Within the ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) frame of reference, we take part in the AXA workplace. We worked on improvements at the service desk together. There is a service point available for the enduser on working days from 8 am tot 4.30 pm, located in three permanent locations and two pop-up locations in Li├Ęge and Ghent. We are taking care of endpoints such as laptops, desktops and mobile devices. The client’s employees were involved in all of those projects the right way, so they were highly motivated. The new dynamic paid off: the queued tasks were completed quickly and efficiently
For AXA, our flexibility made the difference. The willingness to constantly improve and to look for new solutions pays off. It was also appreciated that we managed to raise the bar for the entire team - and that all employees went along. Our 1000 experts can also make the difference for your organization. They are happy to work with you on a solution for your ambitions.
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