Published on 14/08/2019

You need renegades

During my vacation, I was lucky to capture a lovely moment when my wife and daughter were staring together at the lake.

When I’ve posted the picture on my instagram account, I’ve quoted John C. Maxwell: “A mother is the one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.’

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Well, the quote inspired me to overthink the responsibilities of leaders inside an organisation. Organisations are rapidly restructuring and implementing new ways of working to survive the digital revolution. Often they choose for Agile ways. Well, the new leaders inside the organisations are now called Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, Tribe Leads, Lean Coaches, … . And you know what? These leaders will change the course of your future. 

"Now renegades are the people with their own philosophies. They change the course of history. Everyday people like you and me” (Renegades of Funk - Rage against the machine).

Your need renegade doing

Agile implementation programs today are often disruptive and even revolutionary of nature. And although I personally rather look at those transformations as an evolution, even in the typical revolutionary transformations people will hopefully adopt a new way of working in the end. The company culture is fundamentally changed for the better and customers are happy because they are involved. Now, transformations are often guided by Agile coaches. They need to showcase leadership and I’m talking about true Leadership, not just the coaching part. Because these leaders need to be visionary. They need to think 2 steps ahead, need to be able to constantly see the bigger picture and never loose eye of where the organisation is heading to. They dream of a better world and are able to inspire people so they join in on the journey. True leadership because they walk their talk, might just quit talking and begin doing. #gamechangers

Often, in mindset, you need that renegade type of person to light the fire in your organisation. I’m sure you understand I’m talking about the positive sides of renegades. You might expect vision from your transformation leaders, but you’re also looking for those people who see something better than everyone else, so they raise the standard. During transformations, there will always be people looking to tear something down. Great leaders cope with this, because they are able to express vision, and are able to showcase their wisdom. They influence emotions, feelings and behaviour of people for the great good, not because this will benefit themselves or their career. You need leaders with renegade thinking and doing attitude, because they need to challenge the obstacles of resistance for change during the transformation and they will suppress these obstacles because they are able to inspire! 

"Serve something more than yourself"

In order to boost the change proces, I’ve seen many companies with a ‘think different’ program. It’s GREAT already! But, I miss the action. In this market, with these demanding customers, you can’t just think about thinking different. You need to act different as well. Well, again, you need that renegade type of person. Someone who’s able to turn that higher purpose into action! Agile coaches are altruistic by nature, because they teach organisations they serve something more than just themselves. They relearn organisation about what people, inside or outside the company, want. It’s just like the mother who knows, goes and shows the way. It’s always altruistic with a pinch a renegade doing. 

 So, next time you’re looking for an Agile coach, look for a renegade!