Philippe Michiels

Published on 03/07/2019

Case | Lidl

Tailormade planning software

Life is easier with Tobacube Retail
Retailer Lidl came to us with a planning software request. Their distribution centers required software to smoothly organize the employee planning. The most important prerequisite was the smooth implementation of their specific requests.
Automatic registration and analysis.
The Tobacube Retail software carries out the complex process of making optimal staff schedules thanks to repetition of personal schedules and the implementation of manual procedures if necessary. This ensures the best possible planning, accurate tracking, monitoring, registration and evaluation of time data. Various business variables are the key to the implementation of this software. For Lidl, this was translated into three specific requests. Employees had to be able to check in and out at work. Their working time is registered. Reporting is the second important tool that needed to be implemented. That data had to be processed and analyzed, which offers the possibility of drawing conclusions and making the work process more efficient in the future. In addition, the data must be sent to payroll administration immediately, which makes payment run automatically.
A final important implementation is the integration of a complex tool for the calculation of allowances in the case of overwork, to which the workers are entitled. Both daily working time and weekly working time must be included in this calculation.
More to come
The use of the planning software turns staff planning into a semi-automated process. Registration of working hours and payment afterwards runs completely automatic, which leads to client- and employee satisfaction. Moreover, the distribution process can be improved in the long term through analysis. Possibilities for elaboration of this platform in the future include new tools to make holiday requests, follow-up training planning, etc.
How can we help you?
Looking for a planning software that is adapted to the unique profile of your company? Don't feel like adjusting your working method to the requirements of a standard package? At Tobania we get started with your wishes to create a customised software package in which just about every possible parameter can be adjusted. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.