Sofie Thielemans

Published on 21/02/2019

Tobania keeps growing and is looking for more than 150 employees!

2016 provides a good basis for expansion and growth in 2017

Today Tobania, a leading ICT-player on the Belgian market, looks back on a successful 2016, with a growth of nearly 10%, as was the case in 2015. The year was characterized by the implementation of a strong strategic business model. Tobania also completed their offer with the addition of two new business units: Testing Services and Effective Business Services. “In 2016 we managed to grow with 150 employees and during 2017 there should be acquired another 150 Tobians to meet the customers demand. Tobania’s strategy to build a company that not only supports the digital transformation, but also actively helps expanding, fits well in the market”, said Lode Peeters, CEO of Tobania.

From the complementarity in their operational business, TOBIUS and SAGA Consulting decided to merge and fuse at the end of 2014 into Tobania. With the approach as a one-stop-shop and system integrator for digital business processes, Tobania differentiates itself from other players in the market. Tobania puts Professional Services (outsourcing) in the context of solutions selling, providing the appropriate expertise in terms of the projects and ambitions, in-house at the client or in a delivery model.

Five-year plan

The past financial year provided the opportunity to align the business units (read: competention centers), build a strong strategic business model and cast it into a five-year plan. It is based on 4 pillars:

Business Connectivity.

The stronger a company is connected, whether it’s between employees or suppliers or customers, the more efficient it works. An integrated CRM solution, for example, can make a significant contribution here.

Business Collaboration.

Besides standard collaboration-solutions, like SharePoint, Tobania also offers highly customized solutions within this pillar. For example, one in five cities and municipalities works with eGo, a Tobania-made platform that strengthens interaction between the civil servant and the citizen.

Business Customer-Centricity.

The third pillar, customer-centricity, focuses on making relationships with the customers as intimate and consistent as possible. User-friendliness and user adaptation play a central role in this. Kentico’s integrated CMS is a great example.

Business Continuity.

Continuity, finally, is focused on the sustainability of the solution. Besides instant workability and well-secured, a solution has to be scalable, maintainable, … In short, it must be future-proof.

New competention centers

In 2016, the Infrastructure & Security business were thoroughly transformed, with a new management and a new proposition closer to the corporate philosophy. In a first phase, our security professionals learn to understand the client’s safety environment. It’s not until then that, with their knowledge and appropriate competences, they will protect the data. The Security Operations Center (SOC) offers custom cyber security solutions and helps the client, not only to prepare for cyber-attacks but also for the European GDPR regulations.

The one-stop-shop-concept grew from the fact that Tobania combines strengths in Open Source software and in Microsoft. To complement this concept from a customer-oriented point of view, two new business units saw the light: Testing Services and Effective Business Services. The specialization of the Testing Services unit is in the test automation, which provides a significant added value relative to the classic test services. Effective Business Services in an interactive way helps clients to analyze, develop and to adjust their business processes in different phases with an agile approach and strong communication skills.

With these two, new business units we bring the total of business units to nine and we provide a significant boost to cross-selling opportunities. The new business units already accounted 5 to 7% of the total revenue, and CEO Lode Peeters expects that by the end of 2017 they will already represent 20% of all revenue. “The figures prove that we’re heading the right course”, say Lode Peeters. “We have built a solid foundation, both internally and to customers and partners. Clients noticed that we have a lot more to offer now, and they strengthen their contracts. Also, our partnerships, including Microsoft and IBM, were deepened during the past year.” Due to these new business units, Tobania grew up to 370 Tobians (+150), bringing the total to 700 experts.

“In 2017, we want continue our growth”, said Lode Peeters. “We want to further expand our new business units and we want to embrace new opportunities that fit into the outlined Tobania philosophy. Refining our presence in the labor market is also one of the thing to do. We’re hoping to welcome another 200 Tobians so that we can expand collaborations with clients and our partnerships in the next year.”