Sofie Thielemans

Published on 21/02/2019

‘Effective Business Services’ helps breathe new life into the market

Out with the old, in with the new! Tobania's Effective Business Services (EBS)

EBS was launched at the end of 2016 and has since become renowned for its qualitative analyses, thorough project supervision, in-depth organization mapping and focused attention to change management, tremendously boosting both Tobania and its customers.

A specific and pragmatic approach to the future 

Tobania’s Effective Business Services works in four stages: analysis of the working environment to determine what is needed to take it to a higher level, change management to help employees make the required adaptations, business architecture and process management supported by a management tool which helps the company in question keep track ofthe bigger picture, and project, program and portfolio management to ensure the company makes it through every stage of the project while continuing to deliver results.

In addition to transformation projects, EBS focuses on Agile, New Way of Working and HR. “How can your HR services offer maximum added value? How can reorganizing your business processes help you achieve your objectives more efficiently? What’s the best way to use technology to your advantage?”

“Our specific and pragmatic approach enables us to map the current situation and define the best strategy to move forward at the most suitable pace,” Business Unit Director Willem Van der Meiren explains. “We are confident that other supporting departments like sales, finance and marketing will soon be reaping the benefits of our unique approach as well.”

Stimulating innovation with the right people

There’s been a lot of buzz around business-IT alignment lately, and Tobania is certainly not the first to offer the service. “But we do differentiate ourselves from our competitors,” CEO Lode Peeters assures us. “We are well-aware that analysis, technology and processes are not goals but means to an end, namely: achieving great results and creating added value. EBS goes back to the essence of it all: initiating the right projects and executing them with the right people.”

“We differentiate ourselves from our competitors.”

Peeters stresses EBS’ people-oriented approach, considering it a reflection of Tobania’s investment in helping consultants develop their intrinsic competences. “This goes to show that ‘A great place to develop your career’ is the perfect baseline for us,” adds Service Delivery Manager Dirk Depré. “Simply organizing training programs is no longer enough. We cover all facets, including on-the-job coaching. Stimulating maximum self-development is what it’s all about.”
EBS has become a gamechanger thanks to a constant internal communication flow and quick decision-making. “We keep a close eye on the trends and innovations that come and go in a rapidly changing market. Based on thorough analysis, we create action plans that allow us to anticipate important developments.”

Ambitions rewarded

“We made great leaps in the first year alone,” says Willem Van der Meiren. Tobania’s high ambitions for EBS have certainly been rewarded. “Today, we have 75 employees and 70 freelancers working on EBS. That’s twice as many people as we had planned. Which is fantastic, of course, but we’re also well-aware of the risks involved with exponential growth. That’s why not compromising on quality has been a priority from the very beginning.”
“We consciously choose to cancel out the risk of inferior quality by putting our consultants first, because we know our people make all the difference. We always offer them a strong network of like-minded colleagues and experts to fall back on, and provide them with plenty of self-development opportunities as well. It’s an approach that has definitely proved successful,” Van der Meiren concludes.