Angélique De Clercq

Published on 21/04/2019

7 reasons to join the ‘Ninja Software Testing Class’

Why should you follow this Testing Class?

7 good reasons to follow the ‘Ninja Software Testing Class’

  1. Besides the fact that we offer you a permanent job and a package which includes everything that is important in an adult life (money, company car…), we offer you also a strong community / team! When you start at Specialized testing Services at Tobania, you are part of a 40-person team that shares a common vision on top-notch quality assurance and a real passion for excellence. Together we pave the road towards a world where developers, businesses and testers work closely together to build the best possible technology for the end users.

    Oh yes, our key to success? Teamwork, collaboration, sharing knowledge and a lot of fun.

  2. During your education you missed the focus on quality in software development. You naturally live and breathe quality and, just like us, you want to make quality in software development your personal mission. After this 3 week testing class you’ll start your career at one of our clients while being coached by our experts. A selection of your responsibilities? You will assist our clients in optimizing their applications quality. From drawing up a test plan and developing a test process, to test automation and reporting, to test coordination and QA development.

  3. Other than the clichés say about software developers or IT people, you love to communicate and keep feeling with the business. Think: as a software tester or a QA developer you build the bridge between business and development. So let’s proof them wrong!

  4. You also get the jitters of the following statements and you want to work together with us to get them out of the world
    1. “But it works on my device”.
    2. “I checked the fix and it is fine now. We can release”
    3. “It’s not a bug, this wasn’t part of the product specs”.

  5. You also live for the idea: ‘If you’re bored out of doing the same things all over again – au
    tomate it!
     Yep, you read that right. Other then you expect, software testing and quality assurance isn’t pure routine, boring or dealing with the same problems every day. On the contrary!

  6. You’re eager to learn, curiosity is in your blood and you’re always looking for the why of things? That on its own is a sufficient reason! Why? While developers have an in-depth, detailed way of thinking, testing/ QA engineers take the next step and see the product as a whole, integral object. Therefore, they are able to see the bigger picture and always ask themselves the question: why, for who and how should we develop this software?

  7. You are in charge of your own career! As a software tester you can have an extensive and very flexible career path in front of you, that may change according to your needs. You can become a Test Manager, Product Owner / Scrum Master or Business Analyst when you have a good understanding of the numerous industries. Or you can become DevOps engineer because you’re used to see the product as a whole, integral object and therefore you’re able to rule the development process on the higher levels. A User Experience Designer is also a profession that may be acquired by more creative QAs. They test products not only in terms of bugs and errors but also in terms of appearance.